Kemar Barcoo
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Reason for exercising outside - what does it do for me?

Summer time is the season I love the best. Taking advantage of the greater outdoors is truly an invigorating feeling. 
The sunshine is something I can't obtain while training inside, so you can just imagine how I feel when the summer is here; breathing in that fresh air. Being exposed to the sun allows us to get that dose of vitamin D that we need and those wonderful health benefits we need for our body. Studies have shown that sun exposure aids in lowering blood sugar, helps with depression and mood swings, improves your quality of sleep and even reduce the risk of certain cancers. With all these wonderful benefits we should still keep in mind to do things in moderation. 

The overall feeling of being outside in the summer is wonderful, it give me the energy and insight I need to make the most of my day; total mental stimulation! When training outside, It also allow me to get creative with my exercises and generally gain a new point of view. My body is so used to training inside 75-80% of the time that whenever I am exercising outside I have the ability to exercise muscles I don't get to exercise being inside on a regular, especially when I switch locations, routines, & terrains. It is quite intriguing to experience the way my body reacts to the new changes that I implement. If you have any questions in regards to what I wrote, feel free to email me. Chow.

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