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One day in Iceland

           On my way to Paris, I stopped in Iceland to visit the blue lagoon again. This time around I decided to go in the morning, luckily there was some sunshine when I had arrived. On my way to the lagoon the sun slowly started to fade, however it was not so dark as the last time I visited. 

During my last visit, it was cloudy, rainy and it snowed.  I guess December was not the best time to go but regardless the weather did not impede with me enjoying myself. So, I would not recommend anyone to go in December unless you do not mind the snow, rain, and windy conditions. 

The view of the blue lagoon was spectacular. Before getting in the water, I had to take a minute to simply admire the amazing scenery; from the lava field to the warm steam water, and the people capturing their every moment with their phones, go pro, and other electronic equipment. 

As I finally got into the water, I begin to interact with a few individuals and even took photos and videos of my stay as well. I even did a quick photo shoot with a few locals which I thought was fun and spontaneous. I've got to say, moments like this I treasure.

After the blue lagoon, I went to the (Center Hotel Arnarhvoll ) in the city of Reykjavik. At the top of the hotel, is a lovely restaurant with a striking view of the sea and a mountain view in a distance. The hotel is literally close to the Harpa, which is also next to the sea front. There is even an outdoor area for seating at the hotel, which provided a much better view. The food was very small in portion and that I would say is the only thing that I did not enjoy about the restaurant. 

I walked around Reykjavik because it is such a compact city and there was no need for transportation to get around. This made sightseeing so much easier for me and I was able to chat with more locals. I even met a guy who had moved from Poland. He was giving me a little history lesson on Iceland and about his experience moving from Poland to Iceland, which I found interesting. I always admire people who took that leap of faith to go to a new country by themselves, so I felt like a part of me could relate with his experience in someways. 

After conversing with him, I went for dinner at the Vegamót restaurant and bar, which was where I had an epic time partying when I had first visited. I was well pleased by the food and the portion was large which is another reason why I love that place! The atmosphere was very laid-back and the staff were friendly. Whether you are looking to party at night or looking for a nice place to eat, Vegamót is the place you want to checkout.

My flight was at 01:00 and the last bus leaving Reykjavík was at 21:30m, so that was it for me in Iceland. 

Next time I’m back, in the near future, I’ll be sure to visit the mountain parts and watch the northern lights. 

Things to keep in mind, is that Iceland is a super expensive place, especially if you are spending the US dollar and the weather changes pretty fast with windy conditions. 

One thing I learned from this trip and from meeting the guy who had moved from Poland to Iceland is to “take a leap of faith”. In my opinion I believe it takes strength and courage to leave your comfort zone to start over in a new country. 

Chow for now.

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